Monday, June 16, 2014

Beach Days

Good day everyone! I just went to the beach this last weekend with my family. It was such a beautiful area--the clouds, the ocean, the cute little buildings~~ It was such a sweet mini-vacation with lots of good food and fresh strawberries. I also played with the squishy sea urchins. My dad, my sister, and I tried to feed them tiny crabs and sea, but they couldn't eat it :P hehehe I felt relieved, because I would have felt bad otherwise XD


Do you like going to the beach? I like beaches, but I don't like swimming in them. it's nice just to observe the beautiful surroundings.


  1. Rinako グレーJune 17, 2014 at 9:33 AM

    So beautiful place! <3

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  2. Yes! It was a beautiful place <3 thanks for visiting always :)

  3. nice place :) the photos look lovely

  4. Anna, these beach photos are absolutely beautiful! Maybe I'm way off base (since I've never been there) but I think it would be really amazing to go to the ocean. The rocky, coastal ocean. I am trying to talk Al into going to Oregon with me someday! My friend is going to college up in Eugene, and from her pictures, it's breathtaking. (:

  5. Thank you~ Oregon is a beautiful place~~ You guys should visit! It's very green, and up near portland area, you can see the mountains as well :) There's so many awesome places to visit in oregon :)