Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving and the VAMPS

Hi all! Hope your thanksgivings was filled with blessings, family, and friends! Mine definitely was. It was also the time I first drank alcohol! Whoot! Disclaim: I am not an alcoholic! My friend bought me vodka, but sadly, it was so strong and bitter...I'm really a girl...I like champagne. haha. Anyhow, I had so many Asian potlucks and stuffed myself well. It's probably time to go on a diet now, but isn't that how all (at least for me) holidays are like?

Now that I'm back, I'm suffering from a case of I-don't-want-to-study-anymore syndrome. I have a couple days of class left and then finals... So due to my "syndrome," I went to my first J-rock concert yesterday! I was so excited; I loved the atmosphere and the pumping of my heart. The band was called the VAMPS, which was started by Hyde from L'arc en Ciel and KAZ from Oblivion Dust.

Now Here's for some artistic interpretation of the venue: House of Blues~~ I took them while waiting for Vamps to come out. I promise I was paying attention, lol!

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