Saturday, December 7, 2013

TCD Christmas Party

Hi all!! Here's a selfie in the christmas tree ornament for y'all! Hahaha

Today was filled joy and creative baking! Hehe! I made cake bars with brown sugar cream cheese frosting!!! Forgot to take pictures of the final result though... They were my secret Santa gift!! Hope she enjoys them!!

The christmas party was a lot of fun though!! Everyone brought some food and we talked and watched Elf!!! Sadly I had to leave early though... But for our secret Santa game, we had to guess our Santa via three questions!! It was a lot of fun <3

Here's a cute christmas penguin to cheer y'all up!!

Hope y'all have a great holiday season!!!

Question: what's your favorite thing about Christmas or the holidays? 

Mine is time with family and friends, celebrating Christ's birth, and shopping for gifts for my loved ones! Oh, and baking!!


  1. I think I pretty much agree with your favorite things about Christmas.^^ Though I also like to dress up as well during the holidays.

    1. dressing up is fun!! I love being able to wear something stylish after a horrible week of sweats and sweaters for finals week! haha D:

  2. Dropping by c:

  3. penguin is super cute!